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The first steps towards a new kitchen (psst.. it's not looking at photos on Instagram!)

So, you have decided that you want to invest in your home and update your existing kitchen. Exciting isn't it! Searching through Instagram, Pinterest and if your old school like me flicking through interior magazines to gauge the latest trends and styles emerging from the interiors world...

BUT before you get too carried away with it all, have you considered if your existing layout works for you? We often get clients come to us with colour charts, magazine clippings and that is great, it really is. But if your current kitchen layout doesn't really work, then why replicate it with just a new one but with different coloured cabinets and worktops. The art of successful kitchen design is where the designer listens to your actual lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. Been 10 years since you last updated it? (Well that is the national average). Look back ten years, I bet you your life has changed somewhat...toddlers becoming teenagers, teenagers becoming adults, or maybe you have a new partner or gained additional family members. More often than not, your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen has probably changed a lot! Therefore, this is why it is wise to spend some time thinking how your 'average' week works and how often you actually use your kitchen and how you use it. If you have little children then you need to think about how you move around the kitchen with a boiling pan of vegetables, you don't want to have to dash from one side to the other, you need your kitchen to 'flow' and work for you. If you love to cook and enjoy having friends around, then you may want to consider a double oven combination for those extra pans and pots.

It may not sound the most glamourous aspect of your project, but believe me, as soon as the kitchen fitted and the tradesmen have left, normal life does resume pretty quickly and when it does, you need your kitchen to work for you..

Please feel free to give us a call if you want to discuss your upcoming kitchen project, we love kitchens and we love making them work for you!


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