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About us...

Samuel Wood Beachwood House-135.jpg


Sam grew up with a love of wood working and spent most of his childhood days with his Uncle Peter, teaching him the basics of cabinetry and woodworking.


Ever since she was a little girl, Victoria has always had a passion for interiors and design. Growing up in a listed building, Victoria spent her days reading her mothers 'Homes and Antiques' magazines, cutting out inspiring pictures of beautiful homes and kitchens. 

Roll on many years later and Sam undertook a Cabinetry Making course at his local college where he gained experience and qualifications. During his training years, his excellent craftsmanship was spotted and his portfolio of cabinetry was recognised as one of the best amongst his peers in the country. Sam was also a runner- up at his regional Skill Build event during his training years.

After years of gaining experience, Sam set up his own workshop and business back in 2015 in North Devon. Victoria joined Sam in Business and has since taken an active part in the business, handling the design elements of the projects as well as the administration and operations side of the business.  

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